Friday, 30 March 2012

Your Tax Dollars and The New Budget

The Conservative government presented is new budget March 29, 2012. The budget contains some noteworthy items. Most widely talked about is the elimination of the penny, which should save $11million years. However, there are more serious issues brought up in this budget. Unfortunately, there are some major cuts to come to public services over the next three years.   $115 million hit to the CBC; a $319 million cut to the Canadian International Development Agency; and $165 million to aboriginal affairs. However, it will not just be regular Canadian citizens experiencing the cuts. Government workers are taking significant hit. they will be paying more into their pensions, and our diplomats over seas will moving into smaller residence to save money. This budget even put forth the requirement of the Governor General to pay taxes on his $130,000 plus Salary. Controversially, the Member of Parliament pension package has remained untouched. Please read this 
The Star article on the budget for more information on what your government is deciding to spend your tax dollars on.

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