Sunday, 1 April 2012

Immigration backlog wipeout

The Government of Canada has decided, with a change in immigration policy, it is necessary to cancel the current back log of immigration applications.  Over 280,000 applications are being overturned to make room for new applicants. The New Immigration policy will focus on the economic needs of Canada. As a result, the government offices of Citizen and Immigration Canada will need to refund $130 million in fees to those affected.

  Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said in defense of the backlog wipe out, Having to process applications that are as many as eight years out of date reduces our ability to focus on new applicants with skills and talents that our economy needs today.”

However, opponents to the backlog wipe out are worried of how it may affect Canada’s image abroad and the long term consequences associated. Dan Bohbot, head of the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association, stated “People really will not trust the process of immigration in Canada and that's going to affect our reputation and it's going to affect maybe the quality of immigrants wanting to come here in the first place,”
What is your opinion? Do you think it was fair for these people who have been waiting for so long to get into this country to be turned away, or do you think it was a necessary move to not just benefit Canada but also give a better opportunity to potential new Canadians?

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  1. We dont trust the Canadian immigration system at all. In fact we wont trust any governing body in Canada. They have the ability to make and break laws at will. It is a very precedent, Future immigrants would do better by avoiding this country.