Monday, 2 April 2012

Alberta Politics heating up after decades of stagnation.

What is going to happen to Alberta’s political landscape this election? The Progressive Conservatives stand only to lose this election, while every other party has an opportunity to make significant gains. Some projections predict the Wildrose party will unseat the conservatives this election. The polls place the Wildrose support as high as 37.3 percent with the conservatives trailing by less 4 points with 33.7 percent.

 Will a new conservative dynasty be established in Alberta, or will Alberta become a two party province. Will the era of majorities end? Even if the right holds it control Alberta, at least there is a chance to see some great political debate between the PC’s and the Wildrose.

However, there is another possibility. With votes on the right split, the left has chance to capitalize this election and make some significant gains. The New Democrats are running in all ridings. Will the orange wave hit Alberta? Linda Duncan put an orange stain on Steven Harper’s attempt to paint this province blue. However, if the provincial NDP want to win they will need to mobilize younger demographics, which is a major of the political challenge not just in Canada, but any Western democracy.

Though both the Liberals and Alberta party may not be running candidates in all ridings, they have the opportunity to become major players in Alberta politics by potentially working with the NDP on many issues. However, I think the Alberta party has a lot of potential to shape politics in this province. If a conservative minority is formed they, either Wildrose or PC, will most likely not want work with each other, the NDP, or the Liberals. The Alberta Party might be the only support a minority government could work with to stave off another election.

Every party needs every vote they can get. So your vote matters more now than in any other time in Alberta.
The next posts will discuss policy and platforms of the Parties running.

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