Monday, 26 March 2012

Alberta Election Called

How are the people of Alberta going to vote on April 23? How will the Conservatives fair against the Wild Rose? Can the Liberals or NDP make any gains with the Right split?  What is your opinion? What the issues that are going to matter to you this election? answer these questions and add any important issues about the election to the comments. People out side Alberta wage in your concerns and hopes as well. Alberta is a driving force in our economy. However, it oil sands cause many issues with in our foreign policy. Tell us who you are going to vote for and why. Advertise and advocate for your candidate on this site.


  1. The Alberta Party is also fielding candidates in this election. They are centrist party who want to connect to Albertans and bring them into making policy decisions

  2. My main issue this election is royalties. I'm going to vote for the party that I believe will raise royalties by the greatest amount so as to better shift the wealth generated by the oil sands into the public purse.

    Being in St. Albert, I'm expecting the race in this riding to be mainly a Wildrose/PC race. However, the Alberta Party candidate here, Tim Osborne, is putting on a strong campaign - I've seen more of his signs up than the PCs, and I've met him personally a couple of times and he seems like a really solid dude. I'm supporting the NDP, but if the right-wing split lets Tim Osborne come up the middle for a win, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Voting NDP to make sure that we get continued funding for education and public services