Friday, 23 March 2012

Future of the NDP, without Jack Layton

After a historic victory in the 2011 federal election, the the New Democratic Party of Canada seemed unstoppable. Tragically, Jack Layton the who led the party to victory died. The loss of Jack Layton did not just hurt the NDP, but all of Canadian politics as well. He was one of the well though of and loved politicians in recent Canadian history. He will be sorely missed.

 Today the party will pick the person who will take Jack Layton's place as leader of the party. Do you think who ever wins can fill the large hole left? For those who support the NDP who are you voting for? Comment on your choice if you have one?
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  1. The NDP are only where they are because of Jack Layton and Quebec. It does not matter who wins today they will not fill Layton's shoes. Nor will the NDP form a government anytime soon. It will be a generation before Ontario forgets the damages done by Rae and the NDP.

    1. JEM, do you like toitles?